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We provides best ever FREE VPN accounts from both United Kingdom and United States. Each Free VPN session has guaranteed 8 Mbps downloading speed, unlimited bandwidth usage with non-stop 8 hours connection for each VPN dial-up to bring users an extremely smooth web browsing experience. No registration required and no software installation needed. You just can't find better Free VPN services elsewhere!

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UK London VPN Account:


VPN Encryption: Enabled (Auto)


Username: ukusvpn

Password: UK VPN Password from UKUSVPN.COM


US Chicago VPN Account:


VPN Encryption: Enabled (Auto)


Username: ukusvpn

Password: US VPN Password from UKUSVPN.COM


Welcome to US & UK FREE VPN

UKUSVPN.COM is offering features rich PPTP VPN service to visitors all over the world for FREE!

We provide the free VPN connections using commercial VPN standard to meet the most critical users’ demands! This FREE VPN service is super FAST, SMOOTH, EASY TO CONFIG and ORGANIC CLEAN! If you follow our Term of Service and never abuse the VPN connection for illegal network activities, you will be able to keep using the Free service for lifetime – No expiration, no bandwidth usage gap, no free trial limit, no registration and most important, no cost at all.

Please simply check the PPTP VPN account details above to start your FREE VPN session, if you have been using PPTP VPN before, it takes less than 60 seconds to get you VPN session connected. Or if you are new to VPN world, no worry, check our Support page for detail instructions how to configure the Point to Point Tunneling Connection in all kinds of computers and devices, the VPN follows standard PPTP protocol which is built-in most desktop operation systems, smartphone devices, tablets computers or network streaming appliances.

Why You need VPN

VPN is such a versatile tool that could meet different people’s requirements, from securing public Hotspot WiFi connection, to hiding real IP address for safe browsing, or to simply using the VPN to access some USA and UK only TV or music websites. VPN becomes more and more popular for users around the world to explore internet in a convenient and well protected way for its rich features including but not limited to:

  • Add-on Security – The PPTP VPN uses MPPE 128bits strong encryption to add another security layer to your existing internet connection, it makes the internet data more secure and safe.
  • Web browing Anonymity – VPN connection hides everything about yourself and shows to the other part you are visiting with totally different IP address and identity, no one know who you are, and where you come from.
  • Access blocked websites – Whatever the website filters is coming from your local ISP or from the website itself, by using VPN you are virtually located in the same country as where the VPN facilities located, and from there you will have no any limit for websites you can access and for contents you can retrieve.
  • Improve internet speed – Our VPN facilities locates at the biggest data centers in US and UK with very high capacity connection to internet backbone, by using VPN you are immediately hit the backbone network of America or Europe, from there you will be able to have a very smooth connection to any country in the world with extremely good connection speed comparing to your original ISP’s connection.

Term of Service service is free to anyone under certain terms, to connect to the free VPN, he/she agrees not to attack, hack, scan or break into computers, servers or websites over the intenret; he/she agrees not to distribute Viruses, Trojans, internet Worms or pirated Copyright protected materials; he/she agrees not to generate fraud transaction or abuse credit card payment systems; he/she agrees not to send unsolicited or fraudulent emails, and he/she agrees not to engage in child pornography activities, criminal activities or terrorist activities. In case of violation of our terms of service, the particular user’s VPN access log, including but not limited to the access time, original IP, websites visited etc. information are subjected to related authority for investigation purpose when required.

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There are couple things we strongly suggest users to check once you successfully connected to a new VPN network, this will help you to double check the VPN connection quality and also to optimize your web browsing performance, it ALWAYS helps!

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